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WonTv Plus Service

WonTv Plus is the most complete service of all it offers channels from USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Enjoy movies, shows, sports, PPV and much more.



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Only $199.99

If you are a Pix enthusiast and think it is the best service around, we would like to introduce to you WonTv Plus. WonTv Plus is now the best programming available it has the same platform as Pix but has more and better quality programming. It has more variety of channels and sports. 

WonTv also has live channels from these countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Pix Service

Pix offers movies, sports, shows and channels from USA, Canada, Mexico, Centralamerica, Southamerica and Europe.

MiTv Service

MiTv offers most channels from Mexico and other channels from USA, Canada, Centralamerica and Southamerica.

NowTv Service

NowTv offers channels from USA, Canada, Mexico, Centralamerica, Southamerica and Europe.

RocketTv Service

RocketTv offers channels of all the networks in the US, channels also available form Mexico, Centralamerica and  Southamerica.

Our services

PixTvUSA is your #1 provider for entertainment for your Tv. Here you will be able to purchase the programming of your choice, we have several to choose from. The available apps that we have are Pix, MiTv, NowTv and RocketTv, each individual app has its own individual line up. Devices that are compatible with this programming are Amazon Firestick, Android Box and Xiaomi MiBox. We recommend using the Amazon Firestick because its more compatible and the most reliable. Every app has an immense channel lineup, with an average of 200 plus live channels ranging from US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America and some European channels. If you’re a sports fanatic, movie or binge watcher you will fall in love with our programming. Our programming offers Sports, News, Movies, PPV and much more, and if that’s not enough all this is available for a fraction of what you might pay for cable or satellite provider. Best of all there is no contract, deposit or credit check. Come join us and become part of our family.

We highly recommend that you use an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Fire TV with 4K and Ultra HD to install your Pix, MiTv and NowTv. These devices have higher quality standards and last longer. If installed properly you will enjoy endless hours of programming for a long time. Click on the links below to purchase these devices directly from Amazon.

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What kind of service is this?
Our service offers access to PIX TV,  Hdreams, and Mi TV channels. You’ll be able to access more than 300+ to 800+ Live TV Channels, as well as on demand movies, sporting events and TV series.
How are the channels installed?
Once you have completed payment we send you instructions that will guide you step by step on how to add the channel app to your device, once this is done we activate you remotely.
Will this work on any streaming Device?
Currently our channels are only compatible with Amazon Fire Stick and Android Boxes.
How can I renew my subscription?
At the end of your service you receive a reminder to renew your service. Simply visit our site and purchase another package.